Next Film Patron Ambassador Gaite Jansen

Actress Gaite Jansen broke through internationally with the series Peaky Blinders and Jett. But her acting career started here in Rotterdam. We asked the Next Film Patrons ambassador what the Next Film Patrons club means to her, and what she will be working on in the near future. “It doesn’t matter where you come from, what your background is or whether you are involved with film or not.”

You’ve been an ambassador for Next Film Patrons since January last year: what made you decide to join the initiative?
Because I think it’s such a great initiative! I’m really looking forward to joining in more often. I think it’s such a fantastic idea to join a film club with other people who are also interested in film.

For you, what is this group all about?
It doesn’t matter where you come from, what your background is or whether you are involved with film or not. Everyone has at least one shared interest, and that’s film. Also, you can meet one another in a relaxed, spontaneous way, so you can build up a whole network of people you wouldn’t otherwise necessarily meet.  

What is your vision in terms of supporting the arts and culture?
The more support there is for art and culture, in whatever form, the better. This allows us to show not only how important, but also how much fun art and culture are. For me – alongside love – these are the most important things in my life.

What does the future look like for Next Film Patrons?
It’s a new club, so for now it has more future than past. As far as I’m concerned, we will continue as we are at the moment. Hopefully it’ll grow quickly, and we can continue to organise great events. This will probably mean even more people will want to join in and watch films!

How did your career in acting start?
I had acting lessons when I was very young, at Jeugdtheater Hofplein, where I think everyone from Rotterdam who wants to act goes. When I was about thirteen, I started auditioning for series and films. I think Lover of Loser, the film version of the book by Carry Slee, was the first cinema film I acted in. It all started from there, really. Later, I went to the drama school in Maastricht, and then I acted with the Internationaal Theater Amsterdam (before Toneelgroep Amsterdam) )for a while. Recently, I’ve started working mostly abroad. But if there’s a good project here in the Netherlands, of course I’m pleased to do it.

  • Next Film Patron Ambassador Gaite Jansen

    Gaite Jansen, © Janey van Ierland

Your first big role abroad was Peaky Blinders: how was that?
That was so great to do. The role was totally not what I’m used to at all, but really fantastic. The most recent thing I’ve done is the series for HBO Cinemax, Jett. I just got back from five months in Canada, where we shot the first season of that series. We’ll now have to wait and see whether there will be a second season. If there is, I’ll be involved in it.

What are you working on at the moment?
Next week we start shooting the third season of Hollands Hoop, so we’re really busy with the preparations for that at the moment. 

You grew up in Rotterdam. How do you see the city now?
Even though I don’t live here anymore, I feel very attached to the city. Whenever I come to Rotterdam, I always have a sense of coming home. The people are so down-to-earth and everyone is always welcome. It doesn’t matter where you come from. That’s the feeling this city gives me.

And what is your connection to the festival?
I try to see as many films as possible. What I like most of all are the special days, like the ones organised with the VPRO: the VPRO Preview and Review Days. Then you can sit down for a film marathon and just let it wash over you. IFFR always has a good selection, I think. There really is something for everyone.

Is there a particular film or event that has stayed with you? And why?
I always like the opening evening, you always meet a lot of people you know. And the Next Film Patrons evening, of course. I’m really looking forward to it this year!