Next Film Patrons: Filmgasten #3


Specially organised for the members of the Next Film Patrons, we are presenting the third edition of Filmgasten, an interview series in which prominent film professionals are tested on the basis of self-selected (film) fragments.

On Tuesday 12 November, host Roufaida Aboutaleb will interview film critic Hugo Emmerzael. During their conversation, Hugo will take us into his world and show us how everyone can become a film critic. The location of this edition is extra special: Next Film Patron Valerie Kuster offers her rooftop restaurant “Op het Dak” for the event, and will prepare a delicious meal for everyone. This time, Next Film Patrons can join us straight after work, for just €10 or €12.50 (incl. alcoholic beverage).

Not part of the Next Film Patrons yet? 

Does this sound to you like too much fun to miss? Send an email to [email protected] to get acquainted and join this evening.