Meet the IFFR Young Selectors of 2021

28 January 2021

IFFR Young Selectors 2021 © Weia Tan, Maaike Wolring & Ghislaine van der Stroom

IFFR Young Selectors are back! A whole new team of ambassadors will guide you through this celebratory IFFR edition. From marketing to side-programming and production: these youngsters decide everything themselves! Who are the new Young Selectors and what drives them? They will introduce themselves here.


Hey, I’m Arjun. I was born and raised in Rotterdam and I'm a 19 year-old student with a keen interest in video games, fine arts, design and of course, Cinema . Cinema can shape someone's views and beliefs. The feeling of finding an artwork that resonates with you is a truly euphoric feeling, and I hope to convey my interest in cinematography and help people find that one movie for them as an IFFR Young Selector.


Hiya, it’s Nica. A 21-year old Rotterdammert in love with film, music, art, and languages. As an IFFR Young Selector I will do my best to inspire you with films and activities that will maybe unexpectedly give you fun and valuable new perspectives & experiences. My goal is to put films in the program that make you feel like you’re getting swooped out of the (home)cinema into the world the film takes place in.


As a young creative and film passionate, I am eager to become more active in Rotterdam’s vibrant cultural scene. I moved to Rotterdam 3 years ago. I must say that the multicultural environment of your city and its creative ecosystem had a critical impact on my personal growth. In these extraordinary and unsure times of pandemic, it’s important for me to fight for the sustainability of our creative ecosystem and the broader international film industry.


I am Zoë. A Rotterdam based cultural entrepreneur who loves a good story! I’m a very passionate film lover and could lose myself for days whilst watching movies. As an IFFR young selector I hope to inspire people, I hope to create some beautiful events for the people in Rotterdam and meet new people while doing this. So let’s lose ourselves whilst watching movies together.

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