Meet IFFR Young Selector Ilse

Rotterdam creatives Ilse Zijlmans, Sharine Rijsenburg, Xiang Yu Yeung and Boaz Schoevaars form the new IFFR Young Selectors. They take matters into their own hands by organising two film events: one before and one during the festival. From marketing to side-programming and production: these youngsters decide everything themselves! We asked them about their generation in Rotterdam, their most important IFFR moment and their plans with IFFR Young Selectors. Curious? Let’s get to know Ilse.

Tell us something about yourself.
My name is Ilse, and I am a first-year IFFR Young Selector! I am currently studying Editing & Content at Grafisch Lyceum Rotterdam, which has the broad nature that I was always looking for in a study. It gives me the opportunity to work with a large variety of mediums such as podcasting and film. I’m looking forward to learning as much as I can from this experience, and to get a glimpse into different creative worlds. That’s why I like to join ambitious programmes such as IFFR Young Selectors and the Take pART programme in Dordrecht. Visual arts are not my only passion… I also love to bake cakes and host culinary events! 

As a Rotterdammer, what would you like to achieve with IFFR Young Selectors collective? 
I’m the daughter of skippers, so I was born at sea, somewhere close to Amsterdam. My goal for this IFFR Young Selector’s edition is to inspire young people to appreciate and enjoy quality cinematography. Despite last year being my first time at the festival, I was immediately captivated by the festival’s atmosphere and the film Another Day of Life by Raúl de la Fuente and Damian Nenow. I was completely mesmerised by the experience, but I could see that not everyone in my class understood the significance of these types of films and events. I just want to show my generation that there is more to the world of film than Hollywood. 

What is your ultimate IFFR experience or film?  
I have visited IFFR just once I’m still a bit of a newbie in this whole film scene, but that is exactly why I have chosen to join the IFFR Young Selector programme! Nevertheless, that one experience opened my eyes to a whole world outside the mainstream borders that I was really fascinated by. For me, Another Day of Life resonated with what I am studying and the reality of the journalist world, for instance, censorship and issues with freedom of speech. I am very excited about the experiences that I will get with IFFR Young Selectors, such as organising events, brainstorming and everything that comes with it. Right now, just signing the contract excited me! And it is very special that I get to see my second edition of IFFR from backstage.

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