Meet IFFR Young Selector Davi

Rotterdam creatives Xiang Yu Yeung, Davi Everitz, Boaz Schoevaars and Sara Muhametaj are the new IFFR Young Selectors. They take matters into their own hands by organising two film events: one before and one during the festival. From marketing to side-programming and production: these youngsters decide everything themselves! Who are the IFFR Young Selectors and what drives them? Let’s get to know Davi.

Tell us something about yourself!
My name is Daviani, but you can call me Davi. I am 18 years old and I’m studying Event Organisation at Zadkine, I’m in my last year. In my free time I help out at several events and I work a lot at McDonald’s! In 2016, I did an internship at IFFR. It was such a great internship because I got to convince people to get into the picture before the photo wall. I made polaroids of the visitors back then. Ever since I was subscribed to IFFR’s newsletter and so I saw the call for IFFR Young Selectors. I read that, when you are an IFFR Young Selector, you will organise your own events and that’s exactly what I do. So I thought: this is my shot!

What makes you a true Rotterdammer?
That’s a very good question. I would like to be of meaning for my own city. I would like to create an environment in which the youth feels at home and find the space to develop themselves. I hope I can reach this with IFFR Young Selectors. Rotterdam is sometimes seen as a city with an edge, and I think we should emphasise this instead of stashing this away. I’m very proud of my city, I would never live anywhere else.

What is your ultimate IFFR-film?
What a tough question! I think I like Moonlight the best. I had heard a lot about the film, but I had my concerns, mainly because it was overpraised everywhere. I used to dance at the HipHopHuis and they showed Moonlight one day. This way I, by accident, joined the film and I totally loved it. It was just the right movie for me: a film that is stunning and emotional, but that also really teaches you something about life.

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