Meet IFFR Young Selector Boaz

Rotterdam creatives Xiang Yu Yeung, Davi Everitz, Boaz Schoevaars and Sara Muhametaj are the new IFFR Young Selectors. They take matters into their own hands by organising two film events: one before and one during the festival. From marketing to side-programming and production: these youngsters decide everything themselves! Who are the IFFR Young Selectors and what drives them? Let’s get to know Boaz.

Tell us something about yourself!
My name is Boaz, I am 22 years old. I study Philosophy at the Erasmus University at the moment and I studied Arts & Cultural Studies before. I also did an internship at Circe Films. But what I’d like to do best is making my own films. I picked this year to try some different thing with film, so I signed up as a Young Selector. I always thought working at IFFR would be cool. What else do I do in my spare time? I work at Koekela on the Nieuwe Binnenweg.

What makes you a true Rotterdammer?
Actually, I’m not really from Rotterdam, haha. I moved here four years ago. I’m originally from Breukelen, a small town close to Utrecht but I totally fell in love with Rotterdam. The nightlife here is really nice as well. I don’t see myself leaving any time soon. All of my friends are real Rotterdammers. They’ve been living here their whole lives, which I really love. And of course, I work at Koekela so I get to know the average Rotterdammer on a daily basis. I also take over their ‘natte T’, when they are dropping by to get some cake, I automatically start talking like them: ‘worteltaart’. Before we had our first brainstorm session with the Young Selectors, I suggested we had some drinks before. I brought the cake.

What is your ultimate IFFR-film?
Can I only pick one? I have been a volunteer at IFFR for three years now. I worked as a screening attendant at Cinerama. So I saw a lot of films. Some of them had a great impact on me. For example, during PACT I saw this documentary about Afrofuturism, We Need Prayers: This One Went To The Market. And the film Kemtiyu, Cheikh Anta was great, about a genius scientist from Senegal. Another film I thought was very cool was Radio Dreams. It’s about an Iranian immigrant with a small radio station. On one day Metallica drops by to have a jam session with an Afghan rock band. It even won the Hivos Tiger Awards later on! And I totally loved everything by NEST, an art collective from Kenia.

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