Creative Producer Indaba

Matheus Mello

Brazilian-born and raised queer, with an ethnically diverse family background: black, indigenous, and Arab.

"The differences coming from these cultures made me question many things about gender, life, and its contradictions. I needed to learn from other perspectives, so I travelled abroad to study international relations. Although I learned a lot, it didn’t feel like enough. I wanted to touch reality, so in 2011 I embarked on a journey that lasted a year, driving a VW Bus from Alaska to Brazil. That helped me learn from 14 different countries and gave me clarity about those questions I had, as the trues I learned weren’t the only ones.

Back in Brazil, I realised the power of storytelling when I joined the local public cinema sector and helped to write the municipal film policies which gave me many opportunities in the film industry, like my first job as a producer executive assistant in a feature that premiered in Locarno. Later on, I studied cinema in Cuba. After my graduation, I moved to Spain to start a feminist, antiracist, and decolonial film cooperative company. We aim to leverage new perspectives on the world, by reflecting that in my productions."

Matheus Mello


Creative Producer Indaba 2022–23 participants

Taking place at the Atlas Workshops (Marrakech International Film Festival) and IFFR 2023.