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Marta Baldó

Ikiru Films – Spain


Ikiru Films is an independent and internationally oriented production company, dedicated to producing feature films and documentaries. Based in Barcelona, It has produced, among others: Perfume: The Story Of A Murderer, Garbo, Lope, Biutiful, Ghost Graduation, Tad, The Lost Explorer, Seventh, El Niño, Capture The Flag, Tad The Lost Explorer And The Secret Of King Midas, Sara’s Notebook, The Pact, Yucatan, Taxi A Gibraltar andStaff Only, Adú, Sanmao, The Desert Bride. It is developing Oh Nora, directed by Aina Clotet, with Marta Baldó as executive producer. 

Marta Baldó started as an independent executive producer a few years ago, after a 20 years career in the film marketing field. She has already produced a film released in  the official selection of the San Sebastian Film Festival. She is currently producing a movie directed by the award-winning director Agustí Villaronga. She is in the opening stage of another movie by Ikiru Films, Oh Nora, directed by Aina Clotet. She is also working on  the development of two series. Marta is based in Barcelona, but she has also lived in Mexico, Canada and France. She has travelled a lot for training courses to Colombia and San Antonio de los Baños, Cuba. She has been deeply involved in training education for more than 10 years, directing the Film Business Master’s degree at the ESCAC.

Current Projects 

In development 
Oh Nora by Aina Clotet (Feature film)
Tor  by Carles Porta (Documentary TV series)
La Pulga Y El Elefante by Javier Ruiz Caldera (Feature film)
Refugiadas Climáticas ( Animated Documentary)

In production
Tad, The Lost Explorer and The Curse Of The Mummy by Enrique Gato (Animated Feature Film)
The House Between the Cactus by Carlota González Adrio (Feature film)

In post-production
The Laws of The Border by Daniel Monzón (Feature film)

Garbo: The Spy by Edmon Roch, 2009 (Documentary)

Marta Baldó

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