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Marion Isaacs

Marion Isaacs is a producer, curator, editor, writer and researcher with a love of storytelling, which she has explored through her work in documentary film and museum curation – and in VR, radio and podcasting.

Her varied career has afforded her a sustained focus on questions of identity, race and gender, and the cultural, historical, political and often eccentric dimensions of South African life in a radically global context.

Her film repertoire includes the documentary series Mandela and Me (2012), and They Sacrificed for Our Freedom (2014), which retraced the journeys of apartheid freedom fighters into exile. Her first feature-length documentary, The President Needs More Time (due for release in 2022), directed by Oliver Hermanus, is a meditation on the fatal era of Aids denialism in South Africa. She is currently hard at work on her second documentary feature, Milisuthando, in collaboration with director Milisuthando Bongela.

Her museum work includes the Matola Interpretive Centre (Mozambique), the OR Tambo Narrative Centre (South Africa) and film work for //Hapo, the museum space at Freedom Park (South Africa). Marion holds a master’s degree in African studies from the University of Oxford (UK) and she is a 2019 Sundance Institute Producers Summit alumna. 

Marion Isaacs


Creative Producer Indaba 2022–23 participants

Taking place at the Atlas Workshops (Marrakech International Film Festival) and IFFR 2023.