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Luis Campos

Matiné – Portugal


Matiné is Luis Campos’ own label that derives from Squatter Factory, the company he founded in 2014 for film production and the promotion of several initiatives related to the practice of screenwriting. The short films produced under the scope of Squatter Factory — Marasmo, Carga, Muletas and Sheila - have collected over 100 awards and festival selections around the world.

Born in 1985 (Portugal), Luis Campos concluded a MA in film in 2008 and since then he has lived for a decade in cities such as Barcelona, London, Brussels, São Paulo and Amsterdam. Screenwriter of the Portuguese indie hit feature A Funeral in the Rain (2010)and founder of the company Squatter Factory in  2014, Luis has collected experience in the development of film projects at Savage Film in Belgium and RT Features in Brazil.

He Is the founder, main promoter and creative director of GUIÕES – Portuguese Language Screenplay Festival, PLOT – Professional Script Lab, and In 2017 he was selected for the launch of Propellor Film Tech Hub (IFFR) and Berlinale Talents, shortly after premiering the short film Carga that he wrote and directed, which screened in over 20 countries. In 2019 he was selected for the Zurich Film Festival Masterclass and in 2020 for the EAVE Producers Workshop. He is the head of development for film and  TV projects at BRO Cinema since April 2019 and is regularly invited as a jury member to the Portuguese Film Institute support programmes and festivals worldwide.

Current Projects 

In development 
Dirty Land by Luis Campos (Feature fiction)
Monte Clérigo by Luis Campos (Short fiction)
Cold Drop by Luis Campos & Ana Almeida (Fiction series)

Sheila by Gonçalo Loureiro, 2018 (Short fiction)
Carga by Luis Campos, 2017 (Short fiction)


Luis Campos

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