Literaire Maaltijden - Pelin Esmer’s 10 to 11

On Thursday 30 November, IFFR Travelling Cinema will join up with ‘Literaire Maaltijden’ in Leeszaal Rotterdam West, screening Turkish filmmaker Pelin Esmer’s film 10 to 11.

This autumn sees Rotterdam West’s ‘Literaire Maaltijden’ series of dinner lectures enter its seventh season. The formula has been unchanged since the very first edition: a great meal followed by a talk by a lover of a particular book, author, movement or genre. Thursday 30 November’s edition is all about collecting. Following lectures by Miki Koster, Hans Nieuwstraten and Frieda Crooy, we will show 10 to 11 by Pelin Esmer. This film screened at IFFR in 2010 and was supported by the Hubert Bals Fund [linkje].

10 to 11
In Pelin Esmer’s feature debut, her uncle more or less plays himself. Eighty-year-old Mithat Bey has been collecting anything and everything since 1950. Newspapers, alarm clocks, suitcases, watches, souvenirs, unopened bottles, audio tapes of Istanbul: all of it archived in great detail. This mania for collecting has already cost Mithat his marriage, and now he is at risk of losing his home – his apartment is collapsing under the sheer volume of stuff and the neighbours are trying to get him evicted.
Ali is the caretaker for Mithat’s building, and is one of very few people allowed to enter the holy of holies. Gradually, Mithat draws Ali into his world and ‘The Collection’.
The lives of these two men can be seen as a metaphor for Turkey: a country taking great strides towards the modern age while rapidly letting go of traditions. 10 to 11 revolves around the tension between progress and memory – between looking back and moving towards the unknown future.

Pelin Esmer (1972, Turkey) studied sociology before working as a screenwriter and directing assistant. In 2005, she set up her own film company, Sinefilm. She made two award-winning documentaries before focussing on fiction.

At 18:00 hours, the ‘Wereldvrouwen’ will serve dinner for €7.50. You can book up to the day before by sending an email to: [email protected].

The lectures start at 19:00 hours, are free of charge and will be followed by the screening of 10 to 11. Registration is not necessary.

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