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Karlijn Van de Cruys

A Private View – Belgium


A Private View is a renowned Belgian production company. They have produced and co-produced around 40 feature films, including  Zagros (2017) and Moscow, Belgium (2008). They also produced the animation series Rusty, the drama series Amigos and the award-winning shorts Nawewe and Bad Hunter. Their most recent finished feature is Anke Blondé’s The Best of Dorien B (2018). Currently they are in post-production with Anouk Fortunier’s first feature My Dad Is a Sausage and developing the feature films Dust by Anke Blondé and written by Angelo Tijssens, Waterwolf by Ann-Julie Vervaeke, Seasparkle by Domien Huyghe and Strings by Kadir Balci. Founded thanks to the cooperation between A Private View and television producer HH107, Mockingbird Productions focuses on TV series, currently producing the animation series Mister Paper and Rusty 2, and drama series A Good Year.


Karlijn Van de Cruys works as producer at A Private View / Mockingbird Productions. She studied social and political sciences followed by an advanced master’s in cultural sciences and started her career as a freelance producer for corporate films and advertisement. Soon Karlijn started working as line producer and production manager for short films and documentaries, including Guest by Moon Blaisse, Danse Macabre by Michael Van Ostade and documentary series Brave Little Belgium by Mark De Geest.

As of September 2015 Karlijn joined A Private View where she worked as line producer on several coproductions, including  Fenix by Shariff Korver, Nocturne by Viktor Van Der Valk and All The Pretty Little Horses by Michalis Konstantatos. She also works together with Dries Phlypo on the development of different projects. She developed and produced the preschool animated series Mister Paper. Together with Dries she is developing the feature films Dust and Waterwolf.

Current Projects 

In development 
Dust by Anke Blondé (Feature film)
Waterwolf by Ann-Julie Vervaeke (Feature film)
Klein Verhaal by Mirjam Plettinx (Short film, animation)

In production
Mister Paper by Ben Tesseur & Steven De Beul (TV series, animation)
Rusty 2 by Ben Tesseur & Steven De Beul (TV series, animation)

In post-production
Mister Paper by Ben Tesseur & Steven De Beul (TV series, animation)

Mister Paper Goes Out For A Walk by Ben Tesseur & Steven De Beul (Short film, animation)

Karlijn Van de Cruys

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