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Kamil Chima

Kamil Chima is a producer, writer and director. He graduated from Harvard College in 2015. Born and raised in Pakistan, but shaped in college in the US, Kamil is at home in both worlds. Through his filmography he aspires to bring his two worlds closer together and hopes to be a champion of the shared humanity that binds us all together. To this end Kamil founded Nehr Ghar Films, a film company that operates out of Pakistan, with a focus towards international co-productions. He is best known for his debut feature film Laal Kabootar (2019), which he co-wrote and produced. The film was Pakistan's Official Selection for the Academy Awards 2020 and played at Palm Springs International Film Festival. Kamil created a series pitch Pinky that was optioned by Warner Bros. in 2020 and his next short film Eid Mubarak is slated for a festival release in 2023. Kamil is currently producing a feature Me, My Mom and Sharmila (a Canadian co-production with Nehr Ghar Films) that is currently in production.

Nehr Ghar Films – Pakistan

Nehr Ghar Films is an independent production company founded in 2016 and based in Pakistan. The company has a diverse range of work, including but not limited to feature films, short films, and music videos.


Projects in development

Mr. Barcelona by Kamil Chima (feature)

Burgers (Series)

Pinky (Series)

The Clown by Kamil Chima (short)


Projects in production

Me, My Mom & Sharmila by Fawzia Mirza (feature)


Projects in post-production

Eid Mubarak by Mahnoor Euceph (short)


Released films

Laal Kabootar by Kamal Khan (feature)

Sun Le Na by Kamil Chima (music video)

Kamil Chima

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