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Jonathan Langelund

Jonathan is from the north side of Denmark, but moved to Aarhus to study philosophy and media studies. Here he got accepted at the independent film school Super8, as a producer, and started producing short films. In 2017 he co-founded New Tales, and in 2020 he produced the award winning film Esther's Orchestra, by Alexander Sagmo which came out in cinemas in 2022.

New Tales - Denmark

New Tales is a film production company located in Aarhus, Denmark.
We are focusing on feature film, series, animation and international co-productions, with one common vision: telling new and challenging stories.

Projects in development 

Something Terrible is Always About to Happen by Alexander Sagmo (feature)
SILA by Alberte Parnuuna, Amine Karacan, Tanne Sommer (series)
Everybody Loves Eric by Johannes Lilleøre (feature)
Esse & Rolf by Katrine Glenhammer (animation series)
The German by Johannes Maria Schmit (feature)
Dungeon Master by Magdalena Wyszynska (documentary feature)

Projects in post-production
You, Me and the Milky Way by Marie Gøtzsche (short)

Released films

Esther's Orchestra by Alexander Sagmo (feature)
Undersea by Jannik Splidsboel (documentary feature)
Totem by Katrine Glenhammer (short animation)


Jonathan Langelund

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