IFFR Daily Talk


IFFR 2021

Covid-19 makes a bustling festival seem like a pipe dream: no tickets being collected in theatres, no strident opinions being uttered and no Club IFFR parties to attend. However, IFFR Daily Talk allows you to still get that festival vibe.

Presented by Hadassah de Boer, this daily talkshow brings the festival to your living room. It acts like an IFFR espresso, priming you in max. 30 minutes. Every morning we will have a new guest. Trailers, film clips and interviews are used to preview the films premiering that day, but there is also special attention for yesterday’s highlights and all the exceptional viewing this anniversary edition has to offer. IFFR Daily Talk keeps you up to date on what’s screening at IFFR 2021.

Tue 2 Feb to Sun 7 Feb, 11:00-11:30, IFFR.com