Framing the Future


IFFR 2021

Open for all IFFR Pro and Press badges

The worldwide pandemic and all it caused since the start, has on one hand accelerated various issues that needed to be tackled in the modus operandi of the film business. On the other, it has seen innovation and a more holistic approach across the different disciplines and businesses that have successfully adapted to current circumstances. Almost a year into the pandemic it is likely that some of these adaptations and innovations are here to stay. How could the future be shaped, with the knowledge raised in the past 12 months, according to these companies and institutes that adapted so well and sometimes even grew despite the difficult situation?

Moderated by Mia Bays (Birds’ Eye View Film) with Elias Ribeiro (Urucu Media/Indaba), Sarah Mosses (Together Films) and Nicholas Kaiser (La Cinefacture)..