A Way Forward? New Perspectives on the Challenges (and Opportunities) of Producing Film in the Time of Covid


IFFR 2021

Open for all IFFR Pro and Press badges

After the first worldwide lockdown in early 2020, production of art-house films resumed in most countries and producers took on new projects even more vigorously. Applications to funds and coproduction markets increased and in spite of logistical difficulties around production in the midst of the pandemic and the uncertainties surrounding distribution and festivals, the future seems to offer more opportunities than might be expected. In this panel, we assess the past months and how producers have shown a resilient spirit that points a way forward.

Moderator Gabrielle Dumon (The Bureau), with Sales Agent Jean-Christophe Simon (Films Boutique), with producers Adrià Monés Murlans (Fasten Films), Floor Onrust (Family Affair Films), Meiske Taurisia (Palari Films), Helen Curston (Production Guild of Great Britain) and further guests to be announced.