Hunting Scenes – Quay Brothers in Conversation with Patricia Allio


IFFR 2020


French director, writer, performer, dramatist and philosopher Patricia Allio translates her outspoken ideas to the medium of film for the first time. With her rigorously stylised debut Reconstitution d'une scène de chasse, she hangs up a portrait of artist and writer Catherine Robbe-Grillet – aka dominatrix Jeanne De Berg – who for decades organised secret ceremonies for women. This documentary portrait explores the hunt. Far from a stereotypical conception of BDSM, the film presents the complexity of a non-standard relationship of desire and inserts it into the history of painting.

Allio is developing the new film ‘A Common World’, based on a religious ritual in a small place in Brittany. Since 2004, she has established an international reputation in performance and theatre. Since 2016, she is head of the organisation ICE, which programmes an annual multi-disciplinary festival, focused on sexual, political and linguistic minorities.

Sat 25 Jan, 15:30, LantarenVenster 6, €12