Soul in the Eye – Talks, Performance and Masterclass

Brazilian filmmakers from the Soul in the Eye programme talk about their films and about actor, producer, activist and filmmaker Zózimo Bulbul. This programme pays tribute to his first and influential work Alma no olho (Soul in the Eye) released in 1973.

This is followed by the world premiere of Jota Mombaça’s performance IT CAME THE TIME WHEN THE LIGHTS OF THIS EPOCH WERE LIT EVERYWHERE. Mombaça is a non-binary bixa, born and raised in the Northeast of Brazil. Their work navigates through a large range of topics such as the relationships between monstrosity and humanity, kuir and transgender studies, de-colonial turns, political intersectionality, anti-colonial justice, redistribution of violence and visionary fictions.

The programme closes with a masterclass by Gabriel Martins, director of the Tiger Award nominated film No coração do mundo. Introduced by guest curator Janaína Oliveira, moderated by film critic Heitor Augusto and IFFR programmer Tessa Boerman.