Reality Check


IFFR 2019

Refashioning Development: Future-Proofing Stories and Process

The genus of all content creation is the development process. How can we better understand and exploit stories and audiences in order to remain relevant in a rapidly changing world?

Panel 1: New audiences / New stories
A panel discussion on how storytellers are rising to the challenges of the changing audience landscape to get their stories seen and heard.

Panel 2: Alternate practices in development
A panel discussion on ways to innovate within the development process and explores learnings from a variety of storytelling disciplines.

Panel 3: Funding models of the future
A panel discussion on where and how to access development funding outside traditional models.

After these three panels speakers, experts, and the audience are invited to discuss these themes further in our break out sessions to work on several key issues in order to come up with possible strategies and advice. These will be presented during the drinks at the end of this day.

The Reality Check Conference is open for all IFFR Pro badge holders

For more information and registration go to the Reality Check page