IFFR Your Tab

IFFR Your Tab features film stills from this year’s IFFR programme every time you open a new tab. IFFR offers a high-quality line-up of over 500 carefully selected, independent fiction and documentary feature films, short films and media art. At IFFR we believe in the power of cinema to increase our understanding of society. We trust its potential to infuse positive social change. We collectively expand the creative space for film citizenship and celebrate the diverse forms of cinema. Join us in our vision and download our extension! 

How to install (for Chrome)

Click here and then click on the blue button that reads ‘+ ADD TO CHROME’ right away.

How to install IFFR Tab

How to install IFFR Tab

A pop-up will ask you to allow to add the extension. Choose ‘add extension’ and voila! From now on, every time you open a new tab you’ll be treated with a beautiful film still. Note: IFFR Your Tab only works if you disable other tab extensions. Enjoy!

Firefox user?

If Firefox is your browser of choice, we got you covered with this workaround. Please go to this page and follow the guided steps to add Chrome Store to your Firefox browser. Then proceed as explained above.