IFFR Young Selectors: Girls Lost

Rotterdam creatives Xiang Yu, Davi, Boaz and Sara are the new IFFR Young Selectors. They take matters into their own hands by organising two film events: one before and one during the festival. From marketing to side-programming and production: these youngsters decide everything themselves!

Guess who’s back again! We, the new IFFR Young Selectors are coming at you this year with the theme Seeking Identity. In today’s hypermodern, hyper-digital, rapidly changing world, the sense of who we are and what it means to be ourselves is quickly transforming. In a series of events you’re going to join us on a trip to explore the different faces of personal identity. This time around we’re putting focus on gender and identity. 

Movie: Girls Lost

In Girls Lost we join teenage outcast friends Kim, Momo and Bella, shy and soft-spoken girls, as they spend their junior high school days being bullied by boys, unable to stand up for themselves. The tide magically turns when they plant a mysterious seed that grows a special flower with nectar that allows them to turn into boys at night.

What is it like to live as ‘the stronger sex'? How does the change of perspective and their temporary metamorphosis affect their friendship’s dynamic and their relationships with others? More importantly, how does all this genderbending magic transform the way they see themselves and the way they feel at home in their bodies? 

Get ready for a magical realist fairy tale about gender identity. 

Girls Lost will be preceded by Absent Wound, an experimental short film questioning the way gender identities are strictly divided by society. 


20:00 hours: walk-in
20:30 hours: start short film 'Absent Wound'
20:45 hours: start 'Girls Lost'
22:30 hours: end 'Girl Lost'
22:45 hours: start discussion "Film & Identity"
23:15 hours: start afterparty in the Secret Garden
03:00 hours: end afterparty