IFFR Unleashed integrated into IFFR.com

International Film Festival Rotterdam’s streaming platform, IFFR Unleashed, has been integrated into our main website, IFFR.com.


In short, merging IFFR Unleashed with our flagship website IFFR.com is the logical step to take. On IFFR.com, we will be able to connect audiences more directly to the films they enjoy, and give easier access to relevant content such as interviews, videos and more. It also allows us to give a broader reach to the films on offer, which helps us in our mission to give filmmakers a way to show their films to enthusiastic audiences world-wide all throughout the year.

What changes for you?

We’re lowering the price.

A subscription is now €5 per month (instead of €9) or €60 per year (instead of €90). You can also rent individual films for €4.50 per feature film (previously €5) or €1 per short film.

What doesn’t change?

  • Supporting filmmakers.
  • Easy access to a wide range of curated films in high definition.
  • New films regularly. Click here to see our latest additions.