IFFR Pro x VR Days

The collaboration between IFFR Pro and VR Days Europe started in 2016 and shows the organisations’ shared commitment to promote new forms of visual experiences.

At the VR Days Europe 2019, 13-14 November 2019, IFFR Pro selected four projects to participate in the IFFR 2020 CineMart.

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As the world of fictional VR is slowly but surely maturing, new and exciting works are created every year, by young and emerging filmmakers but also by more established names. At IFFR we foster innovation and love to be at the forefront of these developments by stimulating adventurous creators with great ideas.

IFFR Pro Days 2020

For IFFR PRO x VR Days 2020 we proudly present the above mentioned four projects which will be fully included in the structure of CineMart, the international co-production market of the festival and help the projects make new connections to realize their creations. Besides being able to have one-to-one meetings over the course of three days, the projects will be presented in a spotlight session on Tuesday 28 January which is open to CineMart & IFFR Pro accredited guests.


VR projects presented at IFFR Pro x VR Days 2019

  • Albrecht's Gift, Rein Zobel, Maru VR (Estonia)
  • Bolivia profunda, José Celestino Campusano, Cinebruto (Argentina)
  • Cosmos Within Us, Tupac Martir, Satore Studio/Tech (UK)
  • Wallada, Nathalie Mathe, NativeVR (USA)

HeyYou Media Award for best VR project

We are proud to announce that the above-mentioned projects are eligible for the inaugural HeyYou Media Award of €1,000,-. The Award was presented at the IFFR Pro Award Ceremony to Cosmos Within Us by Tupac Martir.