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IFFR Pro handpicks the most exciting narrative immersive and XR (extended reality) projects in development for its Immersive selection, which for the coming edition is curated with the IMPULSE programme hosted at VRDays Europe.

Immersive projects in development 

IFFR Pro Immersive focuses on the development of fictional narrative projects, or nonfiction projects with a highly creative approach, ranging from 360 film to immersive gaming experiences, and exciting innovations within the medium. 

Presenting select projects at CineMart, IFFR's co-production market, allows these creations to find the right exposure and connections to take them one step closer to reality.

Read the IFFR Pro Immersive & CineMart selection 2023

Read the IFFR Pro Immersive selection 2022


VRDay Europe presents the Immersive Tech Week at 'de Doelen' in Rotterdam from November 28 to December 2. XR projects in development are presented at the inaugural edition of Impulse, a partnership between VRDays Europe, XR4Europe, Laval Virtual, IFFR Pro and The Booster; a collaboration between the European Creators’ Lab and Stereopsia Europe.

Impulse Content promotes and supports European creators who are using the XR medium in innovative and exciting ways. Five of these projects are invited to CineMart 2023.

Find out more about the Impulse programme

4DR Studios

In 2022 we partnered up with the Netherlands based company 4DR Studios which specialises in the innovative cinematography technique of volumetric video capture. 

Read our interview with the creative director of 4DR Studios


  • Jolinde den Haas

    Project manager IFFR Pro Immersive

  • Inke Van Loocke

    Head of Pro

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