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In order to stimulate Dutch producers to get involved in international co-productions, and to support Hubert Bals Fund projects in the stage of actual production, the Netherlands Film Fund and the HBF set up NFF+HBF Netherlands Film Fund - Hubert Bals Fund Co-production Scheme (previously HBF Plus). Every year four projects can be granted with a maximum of €75,000 for (post-)production. Please note that 50% of this contribution should be spent in the Netherlands.

Dutch producers who are eligible for Netherlands Film Fund support, and co-produce projects that have previously received HBF Script and Project Development support can apply for NFF+HBF.

- Maximum contribution is €75,000
- Maximum 10% overhead and producers fee
- 50% of the committed amount (including overhead and fee) must be spent on Dutch services, cast and crew
- The project must have received Script and Project Development support from the HBF
- The total production budget cannot be more than €1,000,000
- The Dutch producer must have produced at least one theatrically released feature film
- Applications can be done at the Netherlands Film Fund
- For upcoming deadlines, see here

Please check the NFF+HBF Guide that contains a synopsis and contact details of all eligible projects. You can find it here.

Please check the NFF+HBF Guide that that contains a company profile and contact details of all eligible Dutch production companies. You can find it here.

In line with the Netherlands Film Fund’s criteria for eligibility, a Dutch producer should have been responsible for at least one feature film with a cinema release in the Netherlands. If you are eligible and interested in NFF+HBF, please get in touch with us.

Application deadlines can be found here.

Applications should be done at the Netherlands Film Fund. Please note that only Dutch producers can apply for NFF+HBF.

- Cover letter of Dutch producer (in Dutch or English)
- Synopsis
- Director's statement
- Script (in English)
- Total budget
- Financial plan (listing the contributions of attached partners)
- Expenditure plan of Dutch producer (written explanation)
- Company Profiles of all involved producers
- Dealmemo / co-production agreement(s)
- Production schedule
- Bio/filmography and previous work of director (DVDs or a link available online)
- Written explanation on distribution strategy / audience engagement plan for finished film

Apart from the cover letter, all information can be submitted in English.

A financial plan should explain first of all which financiers are on board and for which amount. The plan also explains how you plan to cover the remaining financing. You can include all sorts of financiers (producers, funds, awards, et cetera) and please also list all pending funding applications.

The NFF+HBF Co-production Scheme has no regulations that require a certain percentage of funding to be in place at the time of applying. However, preferably projects submitted to NFF+HBF have received national (production) funding and have at least 50% of the budget in place at the time of applying. It is an advantage if a project has a second European co-producer besides the Dutch co-producer.

Should the (institutional) funding opportunities in the main production country need explanation, you are welcome to include a description of the funding context in your application. 

The Dutch expenditure plan is a written explanation by the Dutch producer regarding the proposed spending of the NFF+HBF contribution in the Netherlands. Please note that 50% of the NFF+HBF contribution should be spent in the Netherlands. Ideally the Dutch spending should be beneficial for both parties and create long-lasting partnerships.

A timeline or planning of the different stages of development and production of your film. You can for instance include the development, financing, production, post-production and release of the film. Of course the dates can be estimated and the planning can be subject to change.

Preferably the previous work of the director supports and clarifies the NFF+HBF application. The previous work should to be subtitled in English. The online link to the film should to be available until two months after the deadline.

NFF+HBF results will be announced approximately six weeks after the application deadline by e-mail.

The NFF+HBF selection committee consists of several staff members of the Netherlands Film Fund and the Hubert Bals Fund.

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