CineMart: information to submit after pre-selection

Information on how to proceed after pre-selection

Early October, the CineMart Selection committee will reach a decision on all submitted application forms. A limited number of projects will get pre-selected. Those projects will receive a notification to submit their full dossier. If you have received our notification that your project has been pre-selected, you have one week to submit your full dossier. It is not possible to extend this one week period, therefore we recommend that you make sure you have the following materials available for immediate submission:

- Synopsis (max. 3 pages)
- Treatment (max. 12 pages)
- Director's statement (max. 2 pages)
- Producer’s biography and filmography
- Director’s biography and filmography
- Producer’s statement
- Budget topsheet
- Financial plan and secured financing
- Written explanation on the finance strategy (max. 1 page)
- Written audience engagement plan (max. 1 page)
- Production schedule
- Previous work of the director: online available on streaming platform (such as Vimeo)

Compile all items above in one pdf or Word document and reply within one week of the notification e-mail you received. Only complete dossiers will be taken into consideration.

No. Due to the amount of applications we receive, our selection committee is not in a position to read scripts.

A treatment is generally longer and more detailed than a synopsis and it may include details of directorial style. A treatment reads like a story: it is the full story of the film in it's simplest form. The average number of pages is between 7 - 12 pages.

An estimated top-sheet will suffice. In other words we are interested in knowing the general budget of the film.

The financial plan should explain first of all which financiers you have on board and for which amount. Also indicate any pending fund applications. Finally we would like to read your goals at CineMart. How would you like to cover the remaining financing?

We don't need a full shooting schedule. We would like a simple timeline or calendar of the estimated period that you are developing the film, financing, when you ideally will go into production, in post production and what is your estimated date of finalizing the film. We are aware that these plannings are subject to change.

The environment in which independent films are distributed is constantly changing. That makes the distribution of your film difficult to predict. At the same time there is an even bigger need to think about appropriate and realistic distribution methods. We would like to read about your strategies for creating an awareness about your film. How do you intend to find and to attract your audience? 

Previous work is an important element in considering the project dossier. This is previous work of the director. This can be a short film, a documentary and/or a feature film. Please provide the committee with the work you think is most relevant in assessing the project at hand. 
Please do not send showreels.

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