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IFFR Pro Dialogues 2022

From accepting the ‘new normal’ to dreaming the ‘new possible’

You should never waste a good crisis – so said an infamous British statesman. The initial disruption at the outset of the global pandemic caused many in the film industry to dream of a ‘new possible’ where changes to maligned structures and cycles might have been accelerated and dreamt anew. Whilst some sectors of the industry have made changes and adapted to the circumstances, others have resisted and some seem powerless to fend off damaging shocks. At IFFR 2022, the Pro Dialogues bring together a range of professionals and thinkers to evaluate how far we’ve come after nearly two years. 

Studios, global streaming platforms and virtual online events have found subscribers and tapped into new audiences, as the consumption of content surged during multiple lockdowns and forced the closure of cinemas. The independent sector has seen similar benefits in part, with curated platforms and online festivals freeing themselves from the ‘tyranny of geography’ to strengthen their ties and bringing less commercially viable work greater exposure. But this shift is accompanied by a loss of income and a crisis of identity for the festivals, which online can lose the ‘festival’ spirit altogether, and with it the vital moments of collaboration, community networking and euphoria. 

How can festivals, sales agents, distributors, and market players organise themselves in response? Should we sit back and wait for further changes to unfold, as if like some kind of natural selection? Or should we be making better use of this moment to incorporate our wishes, dreams and demands in support for the underrepresented, underprivileged and underpaid in the film industry? Join us to imagine the ‘new possible’ in these Dialogues. 

Please note: Pro Dialogues are available on demand shortly after their broadcast. 

Keynote: Transitions and transformations – lessons from science

Hasna El Maroudi is joined by Professor Jan Rotmans to discuss transition theory and how to be active players in progressive change.

Friday 28 January 14:00 (CET)

Festival futures – de-construct to re-construct

“Film Festivals that want to move forward in a sustainable, ethical way will require a reconstitution of the very basic building blocks of what is considered virtual and physical….” Abby Sun (2021)

Sunday 30 January 14:00 (CET)

Producing paradigms – paradigms for producing

​​How has the role of the producer been affected by the pandemic and what new possibilities have been created?

Monday 31 January 14:00 (CET)

Resilient resumes – sustaining a career in the arts

Whether you are a filmmaker, an artist or a freelancer in the creative arts, the pandemic has shown how fragile you are.

Tuesday 1st February 14:00 (CET)

Debating distribution – a shake-up or shake-down?

In this emerging landscape how can we best bring audiences together, preserve cinemas as physical venues, and support niche, experimental or regional films and filmmakers?

Wednesday 2nd February 11:00 (CET)
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IFFR Pro Days 2022

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