IFFR Pro and Press online

Here industry professionals and press guests can find information about how to navigate the online festival and make the most of IFFR 2022.

Watching films 

Accredited press and industry professionals, including those attending CineMart and Rotterdam Lab, can view films from the Press & Industry Selection 2022 through Festival Scope Pro. This platform replaces the ‘Press & Industry Screenings’ that would usually take place at a physical festival. 

The Press & Industry Selection differs from the programme of titles available online to audiences in the Netherlands and includes more than 200 titles from the 2022 Official Selection. Find out more via the link below. 

IFFR 2022 Official Selection – Press & Industry

Please be aware that due to rights holders' agreements some films might not be available in your territory.  Please also note that each film can only be streamed once by each user on Festival Scope Pro.

Viewing IFFR Big Talks

IFFR Big Talks can be viewed on IFFR.com for free and worldwide. You can navigate towards the relevant page through the programme overview to attend. The stream can be accessed there (no account or accreditation required) from 20 minutes before the start. However, there is an advantage to being logged in: placing these events in your Agenda (by clicking the agenda icon in the table on the respective event’s page) ensures that you have easy access to the stream from your personal Agenda overview in your account. 

Read more about IFFR Big Talks 2022

Attending Pro Days events and press conferences

Live events (like IFFR Pro Dialogues and CineMart Spotlight) that you can access as an accredited professional can also be accessed through their respective event pages on IFFR.com. The stream can be accessed 20 minutes before the start of the event. If you are specifically invited to attend one of these events, our Pro team at IFFR may have added this to the Agenda overview in your personal account environment. Don’t hesitate to contact us via the livechat on the bottom right of your screen if you have questions about this. 

View these events on the programme overview page

Attending meetings

If you are scheduled to attend any meetings, you can access them via the Agenda in your personal account. You can not find them via our Programme overview pages. Every meeting entry in your agenda has a yellow button, which you can use to open the meeting on that page. As soon as the meeting is accessible, the yellow button will become active. If you are waiting, you may have to refresh your page to see the active button. Please note that all meetings are scheduled on Rotterdam time (CET) and the current Rotterdam time is always visible on your Agenda overview

Still have questions? Ask them in the live chat at the bottom of our screen