IFFR Plays Back ◀◀

In 2021, International Film Festival Rotterdam (IFFR) turns 50. To celebrate, we want to hear what our visitors have experienced in those forty-nine festival editions. What’s your personal IFFR story? Share an anecdote, off-the-wall story, tall tale or magical memory with us. Who knows, you might find your story in the programme of the 50th edition of IFFR.

What stories are we looking for?

IFFR is looking for all kinds of stories from around the festival: from the first edition in 1971 until now, in 2020. Were you a volunteer from the very beginning? Did you drive around a famous filmmaker? Perhaps you bumped into Harmony Korine in 1998, even shared a drink at the bar. Maybe you found your soulmate at the cinema or saw a film that inspired the start of a filmmaking career. Did you find yourself asleep on a Central Station bench after a late-night screening? Discovered a secret party or your way onto the opening night black carpet? You stole a film poster from the wall because it was incendiary and beautiful. We're looking for all kinds of stories.

Tell us yours by filling in the form below, or email us to [email protected]. We will contact you soon after.

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What will happen with your story?

The 25 most beautiful stories will be selected to be shared at the 50th edition of IFFR. Those stories will get a special place on IFFR.com and will be exhibited to our audience. Also, these stories will be officially archived in collaboration with Stadsarchief Rotterdam. Become part of the IFFR history by sharing your story.

Marcel Dela Haije’s story

Marcel’s love for film started at IFFR. During a screening of Kevin Smith’s Clerks in 1995, he saw his own generation on the cinema screen. In the following years, he saw around fifty films per festival and became crazy about cinema. When in January 2004 his first child was born, he still managed to catch some film screenings. The film tickets from that very first day at IFFR have been safely stored in an album in his study for 25 years.