IFFR on the Europe Endless Express

20-22 september 2018

In 2016, 600 train passengers went on a grand aboard the Europe Endless Express, the first cultural festival on an overnight sleeper train through Europe. On 20 September 2018, the Europe Endless Express will again depart from Amsterdam Central Station and start its second journey with IFFR as one of the partners. Passengers will be taken on a journey for three days and two nights with a destination unknown to them. 
Every carriage is a stage for leading European artists, designers, scientists, philosophers, theatre makers, writers, and musicians. Together, we will reflect on our role as citizens and ways to strengthen an open, diverse, and creative European society. During stops, new delegations of European makers and thinkers will board and exit the train to continuously give impetus to debates and performances.  
Passengers will exit the train in four European cities for a programme on location, created in collaboration with international and local organisations. Partners include De Warme Winkel, Iron Curtain Project, Touki Delphine, Wunderbaum, and IFFR.