IFFR Memorabilia

Do you have IFFR collectibles that come with a great festival story?

The search is on: we’re looking for IFFR-objects owned by our visitors – memorabilia that represent remarkable festival stories. In 2021 we will celebrate 50 editions of International Film Festival Rotterdam (IFFR), and collecting tangible memories of the festival is one of our ambitions for this momentous occasion. Do you own a filmmaker’s autograph on a napkin? A 1979 sugar sachet? Photographs or videos of your festival experiences? An ancient IFFR hoodie that has seen some legendary parties? Share your memorabilia with us!

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In 2020 we will organise collection days to record these stories. We aim to surface 50 stories that tell the anecdotal tale of the bigger story. Your object will remain safely in your possession, but we would like to digitise it for our archives. The collected stories and their accompanying objects will play a special role in the 50th edition of IFFR. Make an appointment by clicking the button below! We will contact you in the coming months. 

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If you would rather send an email, please send it to [email protected]

Marcel Dela Haije’s story

Marcel’s love of film began at IFFR. Kevin Smith’s Clerks (IFFR 1995) made him realise that his own generation had a role to play in the world of independent cinema. In the following years, he averaged about 50 IFFR films each edition. Even when his first child was born in January, he managed to fit in a few screenings at the 2004 edition of IFFR. The tickets from his very first screenings have been kept safe in an album for 25 years.