Postproduction Support

Postproduction Support can be used for various activities in the post-production process of a film (e.g. editing, colour grading or sound mixing). In return for its postproduction support, the Hubert Bals Fund requests that the world premiere of the film takes place at International Film Festival Rotterdam and the fund requests the film's distribution rights for the Netherlands, Belgium and Luxembourg. The maximum contribution in this category is €20,000. 


IFFR's Hubert Bals Fund has redesigned its policies and procedures in order to improve the impact of its support and address the current needs of filmmakers and the industry. The main goal of the changes is to optimise the support and services HBF offers to extraordinary film talent from around the world. New regulations for HBF Script and Project Development can be found here. New regulations for HBF Postproduction will be announced late 2017.


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