Art:Film is as an international platform bound by a common mission to facilitate meetings between professionals working with art and film.

It aims to further enhance, to nurture and to platform highly artistic cinema and visual arts by responding to the specific needs of artistic cinema, expanding into the new fields of finance, production and distribution.

The initiative is in itself a work-in-progress. Through think-tanks, workshops, panels and co-production meetings, Art:Film brings together artists, filmmakers, galleries, art institutions, producers, distributors, funds and foundations and other professionals from the film and art worlds to exchange knowledge, practices and ideas, and thereby to explore and develop new ways of cooperating.

Through a closed session around the presentations of the selected projects, Art:Film aims to:

  • Identify needs and topics existing between the art and the film industry.
  • Have a real, concrete hands-on learning effect for all partners involved by discussing the needs and developments of the individual projects.
  • Directly facilitate the finance, marketing, distribution and exhibition of the selected projects.
  • Stimulate other fairs, festivals and markets that offer perspectives for the further success of projects.

Art:Film projects presented at CineMart 2017:

  • After London by Ben Rivers, production company: Rook Films (United Kingdom)

  • Kindness by Stefanos Tsivopoulos, production company: HOME Artist Film/Lo schermo dell’arte Film Festival (Greece/Italy/UK)  

Art:Film is curated and organised by Jacobine van der Vloed ([email protected]) and Tobias Pausinger ([email protected]).

Overview of former Art:Film projects presented at CineMart:

  • Amnesia by Willie Doherty, production company: Raw Nerve Productions Ltd (UK/Ireland)
  • Cactus Flower by Hala Elkoussy, Transit Films (Egypt)
  • La Distancia by Sergio Caballero, production company: Advanced Music S.L., Europamerica Asesores (Spain)
  • Fierté nationale by Sven Augustijnen, production company: Auguste Orts & Cobra Films (Belgium/France)
  • Future Histories by Fiona Tan, production company: Family Affair Films (The Netherlands)
  • Hurrah, wir leben noch! by Agnieszka Polska, Kijora Anna Gawlita, Museum of Modern Art Poland (Poland/Germany)
  • Invention by Mark Lewis, production company: Soda Film+Art & National Film Board of Canada (United Kingdom/Canada)
  • Mr. Sing Sing by Phil Collins, Shady Lane Productions (USA/Germany/UK)
  • The Notebooks by Joana Hadjithomas, Khalil Joreige, production company: Abbout Productions (Lebanon/France)
  • Subconscious Society by Rosa Barba, production company: Cornerhouse Artist Film (UK)
  • Tarda primavera by Michelangelo Frammartino, production company: Vivo film srl (Italy)
  • What if Women Ruled the World? by Yael Bartana, production company: Jacqui Davies Limited (UK)
  • Where is Rocky II? by Pierre Bismuth, production company: The Ink Connection (USA/France)

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