IFFR and Vrienden Loterij

01 November 2020

BankGiroLoterij Audience Award rating cards are being given out at IFFR 2020.

The VriendenLoterij (formerly BankGiro Loterij) is an indispensable support and anchor for IFFR, as well as for the whole cultural sector in the Netherlands. VriendenLoterij has been associated with the festival as a main partner since 2013. In addition, they will again appear in the anniversary year 2021 as namesake of one of the most prestigious prizes at the festival, the VriendenLoterij Audience Award.

Festival visitors can rate the film they have seen on the basis of tear-off cards. Towards the end of the festival, we take count - which film is the main audience favourite and which filmmaker will take home the VriendenLoterij Audience Award (and €10,000)? In addition to public recognition for the filmmaker, the award is an important springboard to further distribution of the film in the Netherlands. The Audience Award Winners of the past editions included: Parasite (B&W Version) by Bong Joon Ho (2020), Capharnaüm by Nadine Labaki (2019), The Guilty by Gustav Möller (2018) and Moonlight by Barry Jenkins (2017).

Culture connects, inspires and enriches. But it’s also fragile and deserves protection so that we and future generations can continue to enjoy it. The structural support of the VriendenLoterij confirms the importance of a festival like IFFR; a place where we open up to stories and film art from all over the world.

Geert Friebel, Head of Marketing & Partnerships van de VriendenLoterij: “As the cultural lottery of the Netherlands, the VriendenLoterij has been IFFR's main partner for years. Our organisations have the common goal to make inspiring culture widely accessible. The VriendenLoterij Audience Award has proven to be a logical extension of our collaboration and we are delighted to be closely involved in the 50th edition of IFFR in this way. We look forward to this 50th edition in these turbulent times and will do everything we can to involve as many participants as possible in the festival, both online and offline.”

Marjan van der Haar, Managing Director of IFFR: “For a festival like IFFR, the structural support from main partners is invaluable. We are extremely happy that the VriendenLoterij has been involved in the festival for so long and that we also have a great activation through the public award to draw attention to the festival favourites.”


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VriendenLoterij Audience Award

The audience decides which film wins.