IFFR and vfonds

20 January 2021

Freedom Lecture with Agnieszka Holland during IFFR 2019

Since the 47th festival edition in 2018, vfonds, the National Fund for Peace, Freedom and Veteran Care, has joined as IFFR’s main partner. The vfonds is committed to a democratic constitutional state, a peaceful society, and freedom in the broadest sense of the word. For this reason, vfonds supports IFFR: as a catalyst for social discussion by offering a window to the world and a mirror to the self with an extensive film program.

IFFR and vfonds believe it is important to involve young people in the world through films and filmmakers who show dilemmas in their work. We achieve this through our education program. The International Coalition for Filmmakers at Risk (ICFR), of which IFFR is a founder, is also a permanent organization whose goals overlap with the ideals of vfonds: freedom of expression and press.

From IFFR 2022, the partnership will take shape through the newly developed Freedomline. The Freedomline provides space for in-depth stories and addresses topical, diverse, emotional and sometimes even painful topics. This program line is a unique, consistent collection of films and Talks from the festival program inspired by the shared values ​​of IFFR and vfonds. The films increase knowledge about war and conflict, and raise the issue of freedom and equality. Each and every one of them touching, rock-solid films that drive social dialogue.

IFFR's business director Marjan van der Haar is proud of the collaboration: “IFFR and vfonds share their high appreciation for dialogue, reflection, freedom, tolerance and openness. This support strengthens IFFR in its mission to give independent world cinema a big stage.” 

Lisette Mattaar, director of the vfonds, says about the connection with IFFR that “films open our eyes and make us realize that freedom and democracy cannot be taken for granted. We want to make a difference together with our partners and friends.”

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International Coalition for Filmmakers at Risk (ICFR) is a permanent organisation aimed at supporting filmmakers facing political persecution for their work.