IFFR and Fonds 21

01 November 2020

IFFR 2020

The collaboration between International Film Festival Rotterdam and Fonds 21 goes back a long way. Since 2009, Fonds 21 has enabled IFFR to successfully present artistic filmmaking to a large and diverse audience in Rotterdam every year. For the festival editions in 2020, 2021 and 2022, Fonds 21 has joined as one of the main partners of the festival. This three-year commitment creates the strength and space to develop and realise the festival’s plans. Main partners are essential to guarantee the impact of the festival, but also to be able to grow as an organisation.

Fonds 21 annually supports a large number of art and culture projects and social projects for young people across the Netherlands. Since 1998, the fund has been committed to professional, high-quality projects that can reach a wide and new audience. For this reason, Fonds 21 supports the programming of IFFR, which focuses on public development, education and connection with the city of Rotterdam. Young people are given a voice within IFFR with their own programmes and communication channels. There is also an educational programme for mbo students, which includes organizing their own festival. In addition, IFFR offers a differentiated education programme for all levels of education, from primary to secondary education, from special education to hbo and wo. Every year, we conduct extensive public research by means of surveys and data analysis, including an impact analysis for the specific education programme.

“IFFR distinguishes itself with the artistic quality and relevancy of its programme,” says Henk Christophersen, Director of Fonds 21. “The festival shows that artistic flair and innovative films go hand in hand with reaching a large and diverse audience. We are happy to commit ourselves as the main partner to this internationally leading festival.”

The festival management is of course also very pleased with Fonds 21 being a main partner: “It enables us to realise our ambitions with regard to broadening the audience and to continue our impact research within the education programme”, says Marjan van der Haar, business director from IFFR. “Our goal has always been to bring quality films to the widest possible audience,” she adds. “With the support of Fonds 21, we can focus more on this in the next three years. The fund's expertise and the focus on both quality and public outreach are of great added value.”

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