IFFR 2023 Talks

We’re welcoming an exciting lineup of special guests for the IFFR Talks programme in our upcoming 52nd edition. Including: celebrated French cinematographer and recipient of the Robby Müller Award 2023, Hélène Louvart; Pacifiction director Albert Serra; Steve McQueen, who presents his latest artwork Sunshine State at IFFR; the International Coalition for Filmmakers at Risk; and a discussion hosted by Girls on Film, a film review podcast from a female perspective.

“Aside from bringing filmmakers and artists together with our audiences for in-depth discussions, our programme of IFFR Talks this edition creates a vital space for dialogue on important issues facing today’s society at large. We’ll reflect on recent and not-so-recent developments in Indian politics, address labour rights and resource scarcity in collaboration with De Balie, and discuss the important work of the International Coalition for Filmmakers at Risk which continues to advocate for filmmakers in places like Turkey and Iran.’’ 

— Festival Director, Vanja Kaludjercic