IFFR 2021 films in the cinema and special events

In June you can experience the festival in different ways: watch on demand or watch films together with other visitors in the cinema.

IFFR films and events in Rotterdam

Attend a film screening or event physically at one of our festival locations in KINO, LantarenVenster, Pathé Schouwburgplein, Cinerama Filmtheater or WORM. Check the programme to find out where the films you want to see are shown. Due to Covid measures, the capacity for physical screenings in cinemas and events on location is limited.

Please note:

Security measures for physical displays and events
Please note: Physical festival programming and our Covid-19 regulations are susceptible to change. Read about testing for access and more in our Covid-19 safety protocol before visiting the festival on 2, 3, and 4 June. In order to visit the festival you are required to present a negative coronavirus test via testenvoortoegang.nl. That would mean that all visitors need to get tested within 40 hours of the event. 

Restrictions are set to lift further on 5 June. Rapid testing will no longer be required on 5 and 6 June. Capacity in the screening rooms will be limited. More information about this on this page.

Restrictions on tickets for physical screenings and events
You can buy a maximum of 20 tickets per screening. For the physical programme at our festival location (Art Directions) it is necessary to reserve a time slot online. There is no restriction for online programmes.

Choose the way you want to watch before you purchase your ticket
Tickets to watch films online (available until 9 June) and to attend physical screenings are sold from the same page on IFFR.com. Before you purchase a ticket, make sure you choose how you want to watch the film you’ve selected. Tickets for physical screenings cannot be exchanged for online or the other way around. You can find both ticket options in the booking table on the film page. Physical screenings have a blue label. For on demand viewing you have to choose screenings with an orange label.

Try both screening options
Interested in both physical and online film experiences? Try both screening options for different films in our programme.

Stay up to date

You can read the most up-to-date information about your visit to the festival on IFFR.com, or one of our social media channels: Twitter, Instagram, Facebook and YouTube.

Do you have more questions?

Ask your questions in the live chat at the bottom of your screen.