Awards 2000


VPRO Tiger Awards

An international jury consisting of film-makers Abderrahmane Sissako (Mauretania) and Ann Hui (Hong Kong), photographer Rineke Dijkstra (The Netherlands), former October Films topper Bingham Ray (USA) and Forum des Images director Michel Reilhac awarded this year’s Tigers to three emerging film-makers from three different continents:

  • Katrin Ottarsdóttir for Bye Bye Blue Bird (Denmark) ‘For the heart-warming characterization and extraordinary use of colours and locations that make the film a joy to watch’
  • Pablo Trapero for Mundo grúa (Argentina) ‘For its strong sense of reality and humanity and its remarkable restraint for a first-time director’
  • Lou Ye for Suzhou River (China) ‘For its experimentations in narrative forms and its successful evocation of loss and wonder in the modern city’

Attached to all three (equal) awards is a 10,000 Euro prize, as well as the guaranteed theatrical distribution of the winning films in The Netherlands, and airing on Dutch television.

Canal+ Audience Award

Shower by Zhang Yang (China) won the Canal+ Audience Award. 


A jury consisting of Deborah Young (president, Italy), Francesco di Pace (Italy), Gustavo Noriega (Argentina), Mateusz Werner (Poland) and Hans Beerekamp (The Netherlands) awarded their prize to Mundo grúa by Pablo Trapero (Argentina) ‘For the sober and coherent realism with which it portrays the main characters’.

An additional award for the best film out of competition went to: Audition by Miike Takashi (Japan). ‘For its narrative fredom, technical mastery of genre and the inventivity of an important new and prolific director’.

KNF Award

A jury consisting of Circle of Dutch Film Critics members Peter van Bueren (chairman), Dana Linssen, Petra van der Ree, Jann Ruyters and Clementine van Wijngaerden awarded their annual press prize to: Audition by Miike Takashi (Japan) ‘Miike Takashi is a still unknown, amazingly productive original talent. This film was one of the highlights in the overwhelming Japanese programme in this festival’.

NETPAC Award for best Asian film

The Network for the Promotion of Asian Cinema (Netpac) jury, consisting of Wouter Barendrecht (Hong Kong), Mani Kaul (India) and Mohammad Atebbai (Iran) gave its award to: Nang Nak by Nonzee Nimibutr (Thailand) ‘For the artistic integrity with which the film explores a popular legend from a woman’s perspective and for its universal appeal’.

A special jury mention went to: Zhi by Ding Jiancheng (China) ‘for its experiment in innovating a bold narrative which elaborates out of minimal elements to reflect upon a culture in transition’

MovieZone Young Jury Award

A jury consisting of young festivalgoers gave its prize to Fucking Åmål by Lukas Moodysson (Sweden) ‘A convincing portrait, the situations and dialogues are realistic and striking’. Attached to this prize is Hfl 5,000 going to publicity specifically aimed at younger cinema audiences.