How to join IFFR Unleashed

8 steps to a global audience

IFFR Unleashed helps you reach a global audience in only a few steps. Territories can be geo-blocked according to your wishes. Releasing your film in IFFR Unleashed is simple, transparent and non-exclusive.

  1. Your film was selected for IFFR
  2. You receive an invitation for IFFR Unleashed
  3. You sign the non-exclusive agreement
  4. You send your film files
  5. Your film is released on IFFR Unleashed
  6. You and your film become part of the IFFR Unleashed marketing campaign
  7. People watch your film
  8. We share the revenue 50/50: 50% is for you, 50% is reinvested by IFFR in the Unleashed platform

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