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Hiromi Morishige

BANDAI NAMCO Arts Inc. – Japan


Bandai Namco Arts Inc., founded as Bandai Visual in August 1983, is a Japanese company that develops, produces and distributes film, TV and home entertainment media. As a pioneer of the Japanese animation scene Bandai Namco Arts has consistently held the top-class market share in the genre and continues to lead the market. Bandai Namco Arts has also proven its expertise in creating and delivering quality home entertainment media packaging in Japan. Using such key strategies, Bandai Namco Arts aims to expand and emulate its success in international markets. 

Hiromi Morishige was born in 1989 in Yamaguchi, Japan. While studying at Waseda University, she participated in a self-produced film and joined a short-term programme at the New York Film Academy. She joined Bandai Visual Co., Ltd. in 2012 after working as an intern at the production company Office Shirous in the VIPO film crew training business. After being involved in music distribution, she transferred to the production department in 2014 and engaged in movie production. She has worked As an assistant producer for The Mohican Comes Home (2016), as an associate producer for A Beloved Wife (2020), as a producer for Project Dreams: How to Build Mazinger Z's Hanger (2020) a.o.

Current Projects 

In development 
My Small Land by, Ema Kawawada (Feature film)

In Production
Sing a Bit of Harmony by Yasuhiro Yoshiura

Project Dreams: How to Build Mazinger Z's Hangar by Tsutomu Hanabusa, 2020 (Feature film)

Hiromi Morishige

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