HBF+Europe: Selection process, contracts and payments

Selection procedure

The HBF+Europe selection process will take a maximum of 12 weeks. The selection procedure consists of two steps: a formal assessment and a committee assessment.

Formal assessment

The HBF-staff will take in all applications and assess their eligibility by formal criteria, as mentioned under eligible projects and applicants, and financial eligibility. Only complete applications that meet the formal criteria are taken into further consideration. 

Committee assessment

After the formal assessment, the selection committee will assess the remaining applications. The selection committee will consist of six members, three of which attached to the IFFR and three external experts. The assessment is made based on the entry form, full project dossier, additional documents and visual material and will be done using an assessment form based on pre-formulated criteria (see below). Scores will be given on each main selection criteria, and the maximum score will be 100 points.  


HBF+Europe: Minority Co-production Support Scores (max.)
Artistic quality of the film project 25
Artistic quality of the filmmaker 20
Financial feasibility of film project 20
Quality of co-production structure 20
Strategy for audience outreach 15
Maximum points 100

1. Artistic quality of the film project: 

  • Conceptual quality (storyline, narrative structure, character development)
  • Visualisation of the concept (the relation between content and form)
  • Innovative aspects (in terms of content and form)
  • Referential framework (relation to film history/theory and/or social context)
  • Responding to the preference for first and second narrative feature films
  • Responding to the preference for narrative features above documentaries and animations

 2. Artistic quality of the filmmaker:

  • Artistic quality of previous work (assessed by same criteria as above)
  • Experience filmmaker vis-à-vis the project’s ambitions

3. Financial feasibility of the film project:

  • Feasibility of the budget
  • Feasibility of the finance plan
  • Assessment of the proposed expenditure of the grant
  • Feasibility of the project to complete all contract requirements (see Contracts and Payments) within 21 months after the application deadline
  • Total budget does not exceed €1,200,000 
  • A minimum of 25% should be spent in the applicant's country of origin. The expenditure should demonstrate the co-producer's artistic involvement in the project. The producer's fee is not part of this expenditure 

4. Quality of co-production structure:

  • Professional experience of the applicant
  • Professional experience of the co-producer(s) from Europe (if applicable)
  • Professional experience of the co-producer(s) from outside Europe
  • Previous collaboration between coproduction partners
  • Level of artistic involvement of applicant in the project
  • Responding to the preference for applicants from countries without extensive national co-production schemes

5. Strategy for audience outreach:

  • Analysis of potential audiences
  • Quality of global distribution strategy

Announcement selection 

The selection will be announced by e-mail first, followed by a formal letter of confirmation. All projects that are not selected, will be informed by e-mail. Upon request, an overview of the average scores can be provided, as well as feedback from the HBF-staff by telephone. Although it is not possible to reconsider a decision made by the committee, it is possible to resubmit a project in the next selection round.

Contracts and payments

The payments in the scheme for HBF+Europe: Minority Co-production Support are transferred in three instalments: 50% upon signing the contract and positive verification of the total film financing and a positive verification of the eligible division of shares in the final co-production agreement, 25% upon reception of the rough-cut of the film and the final 25% upon reception and approval of the narrative and financial report and a preview copy of the final version of the film. After the selection announcement, the Fund will distribute detailed information regarding the financial instalments to the selected projects. 

Please note: 

The confirmation of the HBF+Europe funding expires when the complete financing of a project cannot be affirmed 9 months after the initial approval of the fund. Discrepancies can be made when drawing up the contract and/or after reception and approval of a written request for suspension.

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