HBF+Europe: Post-production Support

Through HBF+Europe: Post-production support, the Hubert Bals Fund aims to encourage European producers to participate as a minority co-producer in high-quality film projects by filmmakers from Africa, Asia, Latin America, the Middle East and parts of Eastern Europe. HBF+Europe is supported by the Creative Europe - MEDIA programme of the European Union.

The scheme has a special spotlight on first and second feature films, but is also open to films by filmmakers more advanced in their career. The funding is designed for international co-productions, in which at least one European and one non-European producer is involved. The European producer should be the applicant and will conclude the funding agreement. Only 25% of the HBF+Europe funding has to be spent in Europe, the other 75% can be spent elsewhere. The scheme is specially designed to encourage European producers from countries with limited co-production schemes to participate. 

Key facts

  • The next application deadline will be in Spring 2024. 
  • The maximum amount awarded per project is €60,000. 
  • The selection will be announced around three months after the deadline.
  • The project must have started production during the selection process. 
  • The contract should be finalised within 24 months of the application deadline.

Requirements for submission

Only complete and eligible applications will be taken into consideration. 

Eligibility criteria and regulations

HBF List of eligible countries

All applications for the HBF+Europe: Post-production Support scheme should be submitted by the application deadline. Applications should be submitted in digital form. The application consists of three components: a completed application form, a completed eligibility form and a project dossier. The full project dossier and eligibility form can be uploaded as an attachment to the application form in your personal account environment. Incomplete applications are not taken into consideration. 

Required documentation

Selection procedure

The selection process will take a maximum of 12 weeks. The selection procedure consists of two steps: a formal assessment and a committee assessment.

Formal assessment

The HBF staff will take in all applications and assess their eligibility by formal criteria, as mentioned under eligible projects and applicants, and financial eligibility. Only complete applications that meet the formal criteria are taken into further consideration. 

Committee assessment

After the formal assessment, the selection committee will assess the remaining applications. The assessment is made based on the entry form, full project dossier, additional documents and visual material and will be done using an assessment form based on pre-formulated criteria (see below). Scores will be given on each main selection criteria, and the maximum score will be 100 points. A final selection is made based on the highest average scores granted to applications by the committee in the assessment process.

Within the HBF+Europe: Post-production Support programme, additional material will be requested during the application process. Around end of May, HBF will inform all applicants about the status of their application. If the project is shortlisted (max. 12 projects), HBF will inform the applicant producer and request a mandatory rough cut (in case one hasn’t been submitted yet) or an (edited) sequence of at least 20 minutes. Rushes will not be accepted. The deadline for HBF to receive the rough cut will be approximately two weeks after. If the applicant cannot comply with the deadline to submit the rough cut or sequence on the given deadline, the project will be taken out of consideration. The final selection meeting will take place near the end of June. 

Award criteria

Announcement selection 

The selection will be announced by e-mail first, followed by a formal letter of confirmation. All projects not selected will be informed by e-mail about their rejection. Upon request, an overview of the average scores can be provided, as well as feedback form the HBF staff. Although it is not possible to reconsider a decision made by the committee, it is possible to resubmit a project in the next selection round if it complies with the eligibility criteria.

Contracts and payments

The payments in the scheme for HBF+Europe: Post-production Support are transferred in two installments: 50% upon signing the contract, a positive verification of the total film financing and a positive verification of the eligible division of shares in the final co-production agreement. The final 50% upon reception and approval of the narrative and financial report and a preview copy of the final version of the film. 

Detailed information about the financial installments will be included in the contract between HBF and fund recipients.

Please note: the confirmation of the HBF+Europe funding expires when the complete financing of a project cannot be affirmed 12 months after the initial approval of the Fund. Discrepancies can be made when drawing up the contract and/or after reception and approval of a written request for suspension.


  • Tamara Tatishvili

    Head of the Hubert Bals Fund

  • Jeske van der Slikke

    Hubert Bals Fund Manager

  • Ayumi Rosa Filippone

    Hubert Bals Fund Coordinator

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