Postproduction Support

From 2018 onwards, the Hubert Bals Fund (HBF) will continue to extend the ways in which it supports independent film. By entering a partnership with the newly founded Netherlands Post Production Alliance (NPA), the HBF will create new pathways along which quality world cinema can find its way to the Netherlands. 

Netherlands Post Production Alliance

In May 2018, a total of thirteen high-end companies covering image post, sound post and VFX combined their forces to form the Netherlands Post Production Alliance. The organisation focuses on the expansion of the Dutch post-production presence on the international playing field and raising awareness of the Netherlands Film Production Incentive, a scheme that offers up to 35% cash rebate to (co-)productions.

Joined forces

The NPA and HBF have decided to join forces in supporting feature films in their final stage of production. (See this press release.) This collaboration with the NPA signals the HBF’s efforts to expand and solidify its activities at the post-production stage of the filmmaking process. The role of the HBF will be to select, connect and present. Films selected and previously supported by the HBF are introduced to the members of the NPA, who will then support these projects and take on a role in the post-production process.

Details to follow

More information about the specific form of the collaboration will be announced shortly on this page and in our newsletter. Subscribe to our newsletter through the form in the sidebar on the right.




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