Giona A. Nazzaro

General Delegate of Venice International Film Critic’s Week since 2016. Member of the SNCCI (Union of Italian film critics), journalist and writer. He has acted as programmer and curator for Visions du Réel - Festival de cinema de Nyon (2010-2020). Works with Italian director Marco Bellocchio’s Bobbio Film Festival and his Fondazione Fare Cinema since 2015. He has programmed also for the Torino Film Festival, Festival dei Popoli (Florence, Italy) and the Festival Internazionale del Film di Roma. Hosts masterclasses and press conferences for the Locarno Film Festival since 2009. Author of books and essays on Hong Kong Cinema and postmodern action films, contributes regularly for the daily newspaper il manifesto. He writes also for the Italian weekly Film Tv and is part of Filmcritica’s editorial committee. He published a collection of short stories (2010). Critic in chief for monthly music magazine Rumore since 1993. Contributes also for several websites. He curated the art exhibition Il di/segno del cinema – The De/Sign of Cinema (Cagliari, Italy, 2015). EFA Member (n° 24148)
Member of the David di Donatello Academy Voting Board
Member of Quality Award Board - Italian Union of Film critics.

Contact: [email protected]