Tiger Friends


What is Tiger Friends?

Tiger Friends are the IFFR's friends' club. They support the festival and get special treatment in return, which includes discounts and priority ticket sales opportunities. The Tiger Friends page lists all the advantages of being a Tiger Friend.

How can I become a Tiger Friend?

You can register as a Tiger Friend at the Tiger Friends page. During the festival you can also become a Tiger Friend at the central box office in festival center de Doelen. The Tiger Friends membership fee is annually paid via direct debit.

What is the difference between Tiger Discount and Tiger Friends?

A Tiger Friends membership supports the festival. In return, the festival offers Tiger Friends special promotions throughout the year, a discount of €3 on regular tickets and the chance to purchase tickets 24 hours before the standard online ticket sales. Tiger Discount holders cannot; they can buy their discount tickets during the online ticket sales.

What can I do with my Tiger Friends pass?

Your Tiger Friends pass proves your membership. Every year you will receive a new pass prior to the festival. When you purchase tickets online or at the box office at the Tiger Friends rate, these will automatically be loaded onto your pass. The pass will be scanned at the door to the film screening. The festival often organises activities for Tiger Friends throughout the year. The pass then also functions as proof of membership at other institutions.

I have just become a Tiger Friend, can I purchase discounted tickets straight away?

Yes. With a Tiger Friend membership in your online shopping basket, you get immediate discount on your tickets. Please make sure you place the membership in your basket first before continuing ordering tickets. Should you delete the Tiger Friend membership from your basket, you will get an error and you have to manually choose the regular ticket rates.

When do the priority ticket sales for Tiger Friends start?

These start 24 hours before the official online ticket sales, expectively on 18 January 2018. The latter moment will cause extreme online traffic to our website so be sure to become a Tiger Friend well in advance and get the advantage of having an extra day of presale opportunities. Keep the login details for your MyIFFR account at hand.

How many tickets can I purchase at a Tiger Friends discount?

Membership is for individuals and linked to your personal MyIFFR account. This means you can only purchase a single ticket per screening at discount rate and add a single additional regular price, CJP or student discount ticket. As opposed to previous festival editions, during the special presale there is no longer a maximum total of 15 screenings. More information on purchasing tickets with Tiger Friends may be found on the Tickets page.

Do I have to renew my Tiger Friends membership every year?

This depends on whether you have a Dutch or a foreign bank account. In case you have a Dutch bank account, your Tiger Friend membership is paid using direct debit. Every year, you are able to cancel your subscription before 1 November. If you do not do so, you will automatically be a Tiger Friend for the following festival year. The amount due (€50) will be deducted from your bank account in November of each year. 

Should you not own a Dutch bank account, you can become a Tiger Friend by sending an email to [email protected], mentioning 'Tiger Friend Subscription' in the subject line of your email. You will receive a reply with an instruction on how to make your payment. Without a Dutch bank account, your Friendship will not automatically be renewed, so should you wish to extend your membership for another year, you need to repeat the steps mentioned. Otherwise the membership will end 1 November.

Is my old pass still valid for the coming festival?

No, each year in January, you will be sent a new Tiger Friends pass for the coming festival by post.

When will I receive my Tiger Friends pass?

The pass will be sent to you by post mid January each year, right before the festival.

Do I need my pass to order tickets during the online presale?

No. However, please keep your pass at hand at the entrances of screenings, as it will be scanned.

How do I cancel my Tiger Friends membership?

You can cancel your membership every year by sending an email to [email protected] before 1 November.

What is Tiger Friends Unlimited?

Tiger Friends Unlimited are the IFFR Friends that are the most passionate about cinema and the festival. They get unlimited access to tickets for €0. This price applies to all standard film screenings, the final film and the huge closing party afterwards. They also enjoy other privileges, such as priority online ticket sales.

How can I become a Tiger Friends Unlimited?

You can become a Tiger Friend Unlimited here. This membership costs €395.

What is the difference between Tiger Friends and Tiger Friends Unlimited?

Both memberships support the festival. In return we offer you several advantages. In both cases you’ll get priority access to online ticket sales, special offers throughout the year and access to special screenings. Tiger Friends get a €3 discount on regular screenings. Tiger Friends Unlimited can purchase an unlimited amount of tickets for €0 for both regular screenings as well as for the opening film and party, the Mind The Gap Nights, the Short Film Marathon and the closing night film and party.

Apart form that, Tiger Friends Unlimited enjoy extra advantages that contribute to a stress free festival experience: a shuttle service from de Doelen to LantarenVenster and back, an extra screening on the first Thursday of the festival, two tickets to the official opening of IFFR, a free copy of the festival catalogue and other perks.

How can I upgrade from Tiger Friend to Tiger Friend Unlimited?

If you already are Tiger Friend and wish to upgrade to a Tiger Friends Unlimited membership, you can purchase an Unlimited Pass here. If you're logged on as a Tiger Friend, you will see an adjusted price for your new membership.

What is the difference between the Unlimited Pass and the Tiger Friends Unlimited Pass?

With both passes you can purchase unlimited €0 tickets for yourself for all regular IFFR screenings. With a Tiger Friends Unlimited-membership you are Friend of IFFR and your support the festival. In return, you receive many extras during the festival and throughout the year.

What can I do with my Tiger Friends Unlimited pass?

Your Tiger Friends Unlimited pass is proof of your membership. Each year, prior to the festival, you’ll receive a new pass. When purchasing €0 tickets online or at the box office, the tickets are automatically uploaded to your pass. The pass will be scanned at the entrance of the cinema. Throughout the year, IFFR arranges various events and offers for Tiger Friends Unlimited. All advantage can be found on IFFR.com/TFunlimited.

I am a Tiger Friend Unlimited. Can I start buying €0 tickets right away?

When you buy a Tiger Friend Unlimited membership, you will immediately receive a discount on the tickets you're ordering. Just add the Tiger Friends Unlimited membership to your shopping cart before you buy other products. Note: when the Tiger Friends Unlimited membership is removed from your shopping cart, the discounted tickets will automatically change into tickets with a regular rate.

When does the priority ticket sale start for Tiger Friends Unlimited?

This is expected to start on 18 January 2018, 24 hours before the start of the official online ticket sales. This moment will cause extreme traffic on our website so be sure to become a Tiger Friend Unlimited well in advance and keep the login details for your MyIFFR account at hand.

When do I receive my Tiger Friends Unlimited pass?

The pass will be sent by post mid January each year, right before the festival.

Do I need my pass to order tickets during the online presale?

No. However, when getting tickets at the box offices, you should keep your pass at hand, as your pass will be scanned at the entrance of the theatres.

Do I have to renew my Tiger Friends Unlimited membership every year?

Yes. Your Tiger Friends Unlimited membership automatically ends in November. From that moment onwards, you can purchase your new membership.