Tiger Discount

What is Tiger Discount?

Tiger Discount is a personal discount card, which offers you a reduced fare on regular film screenings. After official online ticket sales have started, you can purchase one ticket per screening at a discount price, plus any extra tickets at the regular-, CJP-, or student price. For mroe information about the Tiger Discount card, and the conditions that apply to it, please visit the Tiger Discount page.

How much is a Tiger Discount card?

The card costs €18 and gives you €3 for each regular film screening: instead of €11, a ticket with Tiger Discount cost €8.

How do I acquire Tiger Discount?

You can buy a Tiger Discount card from November onwards. Please note that the webshop is only available in Dutch. During the festival you can also buy Tiger Discount at the central box office in festival centre 'de Doelen'. After your order, you will be emailed the card as a PDF file.

What is the difference between Tiger Discount and Tiger Friends?

Tiger Discount holders can buy their tickets with a discount during the start of the official ticket sales. A Tiger Friends membership, on the other hand, supports the festival for €50 per year. In return, the festival offers these Tiger Friends special promotions throughout the year, a discount on tickets prices and priority during the online ticket sales.

Where and how can I buy tickets with Tiger Discount?

When official ticket sales starts, which is expected to start on 19 January 2018, you can order tickets on this website, through the programme schedule or the webpages of the films. When your Tiger Discount pass is in your online cart, you automatically buy your tickets at reduced rates. You may also purchase tickets during the festival at the box offices in 'de Doelen' and various other festival locations.

PLEASE NOTE: If you have bought tickets with Tiger Discount, you will not receive e-tickets, but instead your tickets will be virtually uploaded to your pass. Please bring your Tiger Discount pass to the cinema, where it will be scanned before entry. Read more at the Tickets page.