Technical support

Watching on your computer/laptop/tablet/smartphone

We recommend using the following browsers to have the best experience:

Latest version of Google Chrome

Latest version of Firefox


Watching on your TV

You can connect your computer/laptop to your TV using an HDMI cable.

Can I use Google Chromecast to stream the films to my TV?

IFFR Unleashed does not formally support Google Chromecast.

Can I use Apple TV to stream the films to my TV?

You can, but Apple’s AirPlay protocol does not support subtitles that are not part of the film file. This may result in a situation where you can see subtitles on your laptop, but not on your TV while using Apple TV to stream.

Does IFFR have an app to stream films?

No, IFFR Unleashed is not currently supported with an app.

Can I pause and watch later?

Yes, you can always pause a film and pick up where you left off later. If you rent a film, you can pause and watch later within the 72-hour-period.

How do I turn on the subtitles for films?

To turn on subtitles, click the CC button at the bottom-right corner of your video player and activate your preferred language.

If there is no CC button but the film specifications do indicate that subtitles are included, you will not have to activate them yourself. The subtitles will be part of the film as viewed in the video player. Please be aware: in most cases there are no subtitles if a film is English-spoken.

Are the films in HD quality?

All films on IFFR Unleashed are in HD (1080p) quality.