What is MyIFFR?

MyIFFR is your personal account on this website. You'll need an account to become Tiger Friend (Unlimited), or purchase an Unlimited pass or Tiger Discount pass. When the festival programma has been announced, you can also use your MyIFFR account to manage your favourite films and events, make your personal agends, view your tickets and add friends (when you're a Tiger Friend).

I've lost my password. What do I do now?

You can easily reset your password. Go to MyIFFR (via the account icon in the upper right corner of this website) and choose 'Forgot password'. Enter the email address of your MyIFFR account. Within a few minutes you'll receive an email. No email? Please check your spam filter.

I can't remember the email address of my account. What do I do?

Go to MyIFFR (via the account icon in the upper right corner of this website) and choose 'Forgot password'. Enter one of the possible email addresses and click 'Continue'. If ther system doesn't recognize an account with this email address, it won't be possible to reset the password. If you really don't remember your email address, register for a new account.

PLEASE NOTE: the Tiger Friends, Unlimited and Tiger Discount memberships are connected to a personal MyIFFR account. Tiger Friends (Unlimited) and Tiger Discount passholders shouldn't register for a new account, if they want to keep their privileges. They may sent an email to [email protected].

How do I change my password?

Log in to MyIFFR and click 'Change password'. In the overlay, enter your current password first and then twice the new password. After clicking 'Continue' your new password has been saved.

How do I change my email address?

Login to MyIFFR and click 'Edit personal information'. In the overlay you can change your email address. After clicking 'Continue', your new email address has been saved. Please note: it's not possible to change your email address to that of another MyIFFR account. Only one MyIFFR account per email address is allowed.

How do I upload or change my profile picture?

Login to MyIFFR and click on the pen symbol on your profile picture. In the overlay you can upload a picture. The photo has to be .jpg or .png, and no larger than 1MB.

I'm getting an error when uploading my profile photo. What now?

Then the picture probably doesn't meet the following requirements: jpg or png, no larger than 1MB. Choose another photo or edit your existing photo and try again.

I am Tiger Friend (Unlimited) or Unlimited passholder. Can I also order tickets for another Tiger Friend with my own MyIFFR account?

That's possible! As Tiger Friend (Unlimited) you can now buy tickets for another Tiger Friend after you add him or her to your friend list. You can do this by logging in with your MyIFFR account (at the top right of this website) and then clicking at MyIFFR Friends. We recommend to do this before the ticket sale starts. Read more about it at Practical Information for Tiger Friends.